How Stand-Up Comedy Taught Me That Approval Is Overrated

You don’t get better if you’re just trying to affirm how good you already are. This writer learned that when she took the mic.

Three years ago, I called a stand-up comedy instructor to sign up for one of his classes. “I do not like being on stage, and I am not funny,” I said. “Do you think I can still take the class?” Thankfully, he said yes.This behavior of seeking approval from others should have been stopped. The seeking approval psychology did more damage than help.

In every lesson, I would stand up in front of my classmates and share my jokes. Feedback was instantaneous: They would either laugh or they wouldn’t. If they laughed, I’d keep the joke for the final showcase performance. If they didn’t, I’d scrap it. I was thankful for this feedback. I didn’t want to embarrass myself at the showcase.

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