I Reinvented Myself Professionally. This Is What I Learned.

I frequently get asked how I made a career change from corporate life to executive coaching. In this article, I am sharing my most significant learnings from the process:

Be patient

More than three years passed from the moment I stepped inchato my first coaching training to the moment I quit my job. Finding a new passion takes time. Initially, you follow a curiosity. Then you get experience. Afterward, you build competence. And finally, a new passion emerges. Also, it takes time to set things up for a smooth transition. You may need savings, skills or network.

Hit pause to speed up your re-invention

A lot of us try manically to climb the corporate ladder. You cannot move your ladder against a different wall while you are still trying to climb it. Taking a break will help you accelerate your reinvention and help you in becoming the person you dream to be. Try whatever is possible for you; a holiday, a sabbatical or even meditation can help.

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